Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)


Thursday launched their latest campaign to create awareness amongst consumers to buy hallmarked gold during festive season. The effort of raising awareness around hallmarking is rooted in true-to-life stories that consumers can relate to. The stories for every medium are different and the messages for hallmarking have a refreshed approach. The television commercial showcases connect of gold across generations, geographies and occasions. It highlights gold’s appeal among all ages, the tradition of gold changing hands in the family through many generations, in refined subtlety.

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Weight Comparison Chart


To find the weight of an artical in a metal different from that in which it is now made.

1. Find the present metal in the first vertical column.
2. Multiply the present weight by the factor in the same horizontal row under the new metal. Example: A sterling silver ring weights 8 grams, what will it weight in 14kt.
3. Along the horizontal row marked stg in the first column under the heading 14kt we find 1.25x8=10 grams, weight in 14kt.

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Jewellery IT ERP Software


Years of expertise in the field of jewellery software development and understanding every need very seriously. We have developed JewelleryERP which is the key to success in the jewellery business and helps to SUCCEED in the best possible way. It is the ultimate ERP solution having a high performance level. It can successfull manage and handle all the complex and basic functions of your business. It makes the entire system easy for the staff and management. It has a strong recognition because of its amazing reporting tools.

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Jewellery IT Wishes You Happy Dussehra


“Jewellery it” is a rich experienced software development and consulting company for the jewellery industry. It has developed unique and flexible software solutions for jewellery industry like Jewellery Manufacturing Software, Jewellery ERP Software, Wholesaling and retailing POS system, Centralize ERP Setup Which controls all the Activities by your fingers, Our team constantly works on developing and improving our service performance to satisfy our customers and maintain long-term cooperation with them.

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